Haryana Gun License Apply online 2024


Haryana Gun License Apply online 2024 :- Who needs a weapon like a pistol or a gun? Police, army and other security forces obviously but miscreants also carry weapons… But they take offense from it. Do common people also need weapons? Absolutely. If their lives are in danger! Or they may need some equipment for their own protection, that is, self-defense. But is it that easy to shoot? There aren’t any common items that you can buy from a weapon shop and keep around the house. For this you need an arms license. But how to get these licenses and where should they be made? Is it that easy to make Aadhaar Card or Driving License?

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What is the qualification required to get Haryana Gun License?

(How to get arms license): Under the 1959 Arms Act, a person can take a license from the administration for self-defense. You must be 21 years or older to get a license if you want to own a pistol for self-defense. You are a citizen of India. You do not have any serious criminal case registered against you. Be physically and mentally healthy. No government dues. In addition to all these qualifications, you must state that you are in danger of life. Some players also get Haryana Gun License for shooting weapons.

Who issues the Haryana Gun license?

The home department or ministry of the state governments has the authority to grant the license. DMs (District Magistrates, District Collectors, Commissioners or other officers of this rank) issue licenses in different states, but police stations and local administrations are also involved. For this, an application has to be made in a certain format. You have to tell what weapon is needed. large guns such as pistols, revolvers or double-barreled

What are the documents required to get Haryana Gun License Apply online 2023?

  • Identity proof and address proof Medical certificate (that you are mentally and physically fit)
  • Age Certificate (that you are above 21 years) Character Certificate (that you do not have any serious criminal case against you) Income Certificate (that if you are tax payer then you are a responsible citizen)
  • Information about business, property or employment is any kind of liability, loan or borrowing. What is this information? What is the arms license process?
  • Your application is routed from here to the SP’s office and from there to your local police station.
  • Now you will be verified at the police station. Your identity, employment and criminal record. The Crime Records Bureau also conducts investigations as required. After crosschecking the investigation of the police station, the report is sent back to the SP office. Your application is completed from there and sent to the DM office along with the report. The Intelligence Department also investigates as per the requirement or on suspicion.
  • Now DM decides on every report whether you will get license or not. It is up to their decision whether to license you or not. Having all the reports correct does not mean that you will get the license.

Buy weapons only if licensed

On getting the Haryana Gun License, you can buy only the weapon for which you have applied. You can buy weapons from government registered shops. Then the details will have to be given to the administration after taking it. The record of your weapon will also be in your respective police station. You can take pistols, rifles and other weapons with you once you are registered here.

Bullet record is also important

Before seeking Haryana Gun License for bullets you have to take permission for gun. Bullets have a fixed quota. A record will have to be kept of the cost of your pills and this information will also have to be given. Only then will you get new bullets. Legal action can be taken against you if you have fired for show off or to impress or to create panic.

How long does it take to get a Haryana Gun License

There is no clear answer to this question. Because there is no time limit for getting the license. The process of getting a Haryana Gun License is complicated, explains Rakesh Purohitwar, who has experience in crime reporting in Bihar-Jharkhand. You can get license within a month if everything goes well and DM wants. Changing DM is important. Rakesh points out that many people spend more than a year. He said that some cases have also been seen in which a person applies for a license due to enmity or any other reason, but before getting the license, he is killed. If everything goes well, the administration will give you the Haryana Gun License considering your needs.

What is Haryana Gun License license validity?

The gun license was earlier available for three years, but the government has reduced it to five years. After the expiry of this period, the license has to be renewed again. For this the Haryana Gun License holder is re-examined. A person cannot keep more than two weapons. Carrying a gun means that you will be waving a gun anywhere. You get the primary license at the district level. Separate application will have to be made to take it along. Ministry of Home Affairs has the authority to grant Haryana Gun License at the state or country level, after the recommendation of the DM. National licenses are available only to Union Ministers, MPs, sportspersons and security officers.


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