Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd


Haryana:- In the Indian state of Haryana, there is a company called Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd. (HKRN) that is owned by the government. In order to give young people in Haryana options for skill development and jobs, the organisation was founded in 2016.

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In order to offer skill training to the youth in a variety of areas, including healthcare, hospitality, construction, retail, and manufacturing, HKRN collaborates with several businesses and training partners. The company aids in the placement of qualified people across different sectors.

The Department of Skill Development and Industrial Training, Government of Haryana, provides direction to HKRN. The group is dedicated to increasing the youth of Haryana’s employability and promoting the state’s economic growth.

HKRN Vacancy 2023

A government organisation called Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd (HKRN) strives to help young people in the state of Haryana develop their skills and find jobs. Under the 2014 Haryana State Employment of Local Candidates Act, the company was founded. The goal of HKRN is to offer skill-based training to Haryana’s young, enabling them to find jobs in a variety of areas and businesses. We shall go into great depth regarding the Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam and its numerous programmes in this essay.


In terms of industrial development, Haryana is one of India’s top states. However despite the fact that there are jobs available, many of the state’s young people are still unemployed or working part-time. The absence of the necessary abilities in the sector is the major cause of this. The Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd was founded by the Haryana government in 2014 to close this gap.


The major goal of HKRN is to give young people in Haryana skill-based training so they may find jobs in a variety of areas and businesses. The group seeks to accomplish the following goals:

to offer youngsters in Haryana training in skill development, improving their employability across a range of businesses and sectors.
to make it easier for skilled applicants to get jobs across a range of sectors and businesses.
to promote entrepreneurship among Haryana’s young people by giving them the required skills and funding.
to work together with different companies and sectors to determine the training needs and create programmes that would meet them.

In order to accomplish its goals, HKRN has started a number of activities. Among the significant projects are:

Training Programs for Skill Development: HKRN offers training programmes for skill development in a variety of industries, including hospitality, retail, IT, transportation, and construction. These training initiatives aim to increase the youth of Haryana’s employability. The training programmes are carried out in association with several sectors and businesses, ensuring that the training is applicable to the industry.

Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd.’s (HKRN) advantages include:

  1. Training in skill development: The Haryana young are given training in this area by HKRN, increasing their employability and preparing them for the workforce. This aids in lowering the state’s unemployment rate.
  2. Cooperation with the Industry: To give candidates training and placement possibilities, HKRN works with a variety of businesses and training partners. This raises the likelihood of hiring people for related positions.
  3. Job Opportunities: By putting young people in Haryana in touch with sectors that need skilled labour, HKRN hopes to give them access to employment prospects. This lessens the strain on the government to create jobs while also assisting in boosting the state’s economy.
  4. Government Support: The Department of Skill Development and Industrial Training, Government of Haryana, oversees HKRN operations and provides support and money for them.

Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd. (HKRN) has the following drawbacks:

  1. Low Geographic Coverage: The HKRN may not be able to meet the demands of all young people in the state in terms of skill development due to its limited geographic coverage.
  2. Training Quality: Depending on the training partner and industry engagement, HKRN’s training quality may change. There may be situations where the training is not applicable to the demands of the industry.
  3. Lack of Knowledge: The young of Haryana may not be aware of the services offered by HKRN, which might restrict their access to training and employment prospects.
  4. Financial Restrictions: The HKRN may have financial restrictions that restrict its capacity to operate and offer training and career possibilities to a greater number of applicants.

The young people of Haryana who are looking for chances for skill development and job are the beneficiaries of Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd (HKRN). The company aids the applicants by offering training and job placement services, which improves their employability and prepares them for the workforce.

The HKRN’s beneficiaries may be divided into the following groups:

Applicants with skill: HKRN offers candidates skill development training in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, construction, hospitality, and healthcare. Successful applicants are entitled for placement assistance, which assists them in finding jobs in pertinent industries.

Industries: HKRN works with a variety of businesses to identify their skill requirements and then trains applicants in line with those requirements. This aids in closing the skills gap and supplying the industry with trained people.

State Government: HKRN’s initiatives support the state government’s goal of improving Haryana’s youths’ employability and fostering the state’s economic growth. The group aids in lowering unemployment and enhancing the state’s economic situation.

In general, the HKRN benefits the applicants who receive training in skill development, the sectors that need trained employees, and the state government, which gains from the economic growth and decreased unemployment.

In India’s state of Haryana, the government-owned Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd (HKRN) is in charge of giving young people in Haryana access to work prospects and chances for skill development. A group of experts that are knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields oversee the company.

The HKRN team’s important players include:

The managing director of HKRN is a senior government official who is in charge of the organization’s general management and administration.

Chief Operational Officer: The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HKRN is in charge of running the business on a daily basis. The chief operating officer (COO) is often a senior executive with expertise in running extensive operations.

Technical Experts: The skill development training programmes are designed and delivered by technical experts that HKRN employs in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and construction.

Training Partners: The HKRN works with a variety of training partners that have the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist young people in Haryana in skill development.

Depending on their positions and responsibilities, the key team members of HKRN may have different qualification requirements. The Managing Director and COO are often senior government officials with significant expertise in leading complex operations. It is necessary for the technical specialists and training partners to be qualified and experienced in their respective fields.

  • Depending on the programme or service being given, Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd’s (HKRN) selection procedure changes. Nonetheless, the following can be used to summarise the overall selection procedure for placement services and skill development programmes:

Application: Interested individuals must submit an application for the HKRN’s placement services or skill development programme. The application could be accessible offline or online.

Screening: To make sure the applicants satisfy the requirements for the programme or service, the applications are examined. Reviewing the candidate’s educational background, professional experience, and other pertinent details may be part of the screening procedure.

Applicants that satisfy the requirements are evaluated either through a written exam or an interview. A candidate’s aptitude, abilities, and appropriateness for the programme or service will be evaluated during the evaluation.

Selection: Applicants are chosen for the skill development programme or placement services based on how well they do on the examination. The chosen applicants might need to sign a contract with HKRN outlining the requirements of the programme or service.

Training: Applicants who are chosen for the skill development programme go through training to improve their abilities and get them ready for the workforce. The training could be delivered by HKRN or one of its training affiliates.

Placement: After completing the training programme successfully, HKRN helps place candidates. The company assists job seekers in finding jobs by connecting them with sectors that need trained personnel.

In general, the HKRN selection process is made to guarantee that the candidates chosen for skill development programmes and placement services are fit for the requirements of the industry and possess the abilities required to do the job.

  • Admit cards may be issued by Haryana Kausal Rojgar Nigam Ltd (HKRN) for a variety of activities connected to its placement services and skill development programmes. Typically, admit cards are given out for things like written exams, interviews, and other evaluation procedures.

Depending on the event and the form of application, several steps may be required to download the admission card. Nonetheless, the following is the standard procedure for downloading the admission card:

  1. Visit the HKRN website to download the admit card: Applicants must go to the HKRN website to download the admission card.
  2. Login: Applicants could be asked to provide their application number, birthdate, and other pertinent information to access their accounts.
  3. Downloading the admission card is possible from the website once the candidate has logged in. The candidate’s name, roll number, the event’s date, time, and location will all be listed on the admission card.
  4. Print Admit Card: It is recommended that candidates print their admit cards and bring them to the event along with a valid picture ID.

Candidates should carefully review the information on their admission cards and notify the appropriate authorities if there are any errors. Also, candidates are recommended to follow the guidelines on their admission card by bringing it with them to the event.


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